Scope of services

  • Programming
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Submission Drawing

Project design process

3.1 Signing of agreement.

Documents in this phase shall include: Agreement for Design Professionals

3.2 Programming and Schematic Design.

Programming start after signing of agreement. Architect to make the concept of the design brief for the client to consider design patterns (Style) and a space roughly (Zoning) or planning area easily (Lay-out Plan) to allow customers to decide. Dividing the total area that needs to use it. Customer or not.

Documents in this phase shall include: Size, Location, Shape of Building, Building Style , Function of Building

Schematic Design Architect will lead the design concept. Layout and space utilization. Was approved. Development of a customer. A simple form for the imaginary customers. That all design work. Turns out to be. The architect will make a presentation or a Sketch or Model Perspective time.

Documents in this phase shall include:

  • A. Civil Site Plan

    1. Site plan of the project, Site drainage, parking and landscape elements.
    2. Clear delineation of the project limit lines
    3. Site drainage, storm water removal or detention noted
    4. Provisions for trash disposal and removal by truck dock, compactor etc.
    5. Conformance to zoning restrictions for easements and setbacks, etc.
    6. If needed environmental impact study

  • B. Conceptual Building Floor Plans

    1. Plans of all floors showing structural grid, vertical circulation elements, core elements, vertical shafts, interior partitions, door and window, locations, floor elevations
    2. Key dimensions, bay sizes and overall dimensions
    3. Plan indicating major extent of materials and any special conditions or equipment
    4. Room names and Area summary
    5. Preliminary finish schedule for typical areas
    6. Sketches of alternative approaches considered

  • C. Conceptual Building Sections

    1. Major sections through building to show relevant conditions
    2. Structural grid
    3. Building to grade relationship
    4. Floor to floor and floor to ceiling height
    5. 17 Material designations

  • D. Conceptual Building Elevations

    1. Major elevations with extent of glazing and mullion spacing indicated
    2. Major materials identified
    3. Floor lines, roof line and top of parapets indicated with dimensions
    4. Finished level clearly shown
    5. Perspective Plan 3 images, 2 interior images, 2 exterior images

3.3 Design development stage

At this stage, the architect will develop. After the initial draft, the design is often presented as a virtual or Model Perspective similar to the design. To the most, so you can imagine all the work and the customer.

May amend the draft. In the details, but not much, because in this process. Tend to be approval of the preliminary draft. Almost all, however, if a customer wants to make a major change in the draft stage, the company will charge. Due to an increase or a new design change.

Documents in this phase shall include:

  • Review unresolved issues on Schematic Design
  • As documents develop, confer with and obtain preliminary review from regulatory agencies
  • Review all other data received from the Owner and consultants. If necessary, request additional data.
  • Obtain Owner's standards and requirements, if any, for document format and other presentation materials.
  • Define actual occupancy for each area, check against program, and forward to owner
  • Request that the structural engineer(s) investigate and report on their review of applicable regulations.
  • Prepare other necessary documents to include: plans, elevations, sections, schedules and notes.

3.4 Submission Drawing stage.
The architect shall prepare the submission drawings for submitting to the authority after the detail design has been approved.

Documents in this phase shall include:

  • Architectural Section Full Set for Submission Drawing
  • Structural Section Full Set for Submission Drawing
  • Electrical Section Full Set for Submission Drawing
  • Sanitary Section Full Set for Submission Drawing
  • Air-condition Section Full Set for Submission Drawing
  • Communication Section Full Set for Submission Drawing
  • Fire Protection Section Full Set for Submission Drawing
  • Certified' drawings for such local government

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