At Adept Asia we provide CCTV systems suitable for all types of premises or location – private homes, shops, offices, public buildings, sports grounds and open spaces.

CCTV is an essential tool for monitoring buildings, stock, staff and other personnel. You can be alerted instantly about potential trouble, and recorded events can provide valuable evidence.

We supply, service and maintain a range of CCTV systems suitable for commercial, domestic and public sector needs, including wireless CCTV, digital CCTV and integrated CCTV security systems.

Wireless CCTV

Wireless CCTV is completely mobile and transmits live images direct to a PC, laptop or monitoring station by mobile, satellite, 3G, broadband or wireless LAN. Wireless CCTV can provide overt or covert surveillance. It can be located anywhere, and does not need a fixed line.

This a very versatile system and is ideally suited for combating crime against premises and valuable property in virtually any location, thanks to the remote monitoring facilities.

Digital CCTV

Digital CCTV overcomes one of the major stumbling blocks of old-style video-tape CCTV footage. No longer do you need to play through hours of tape to locate an incident.

With the latest digital CCTV technology you simply select the relevant event time for instant presentation on your monitor. Or if the time is unknown, you can interrogate the system for activity in the relevant location, and scroll through the list of potential events.

CCTV images are recorded to password-protected hard drives using H.264 (MPEG Part 10AVC) compression. This is an extremely efficient way of recording images and the smaller file sizes deliver transmission and storage advantages.

Integrated CCTV

We are experts in the full range of domestic and commercial security systems, and can integrate CCTV into your new and existing security systems, if applicable.

Integrate CCTV with:

  • Intruder Alert Systems
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Retail Security Systems
  • Staff Monitoring Systems
  • Anti-shoplifting Alarms (EAS)
  • Access Control
  • Door Access
  • 24-hour Monitoring
  • CCTV Security Advisory Service

When integrated with anti-shoplifting and intruder alarm systems, CCTV can be set to record events automatically. This helps the operator to identify whoever caused the alarm, and can provide potential evidence for use by the police and courts.

CCTV can also be incorporated into access control systems so that operators can check a ‘swipe’ card is being used by the authorised holder, and not an intruder.

No obligation survey

Adept Asia will undertake a no-obligation security survey and work with you to identify your problem areas, security needs, and how they can be addressed. We will then advise on the best types of CCTV and security systems to fit your needs, and put together a package to fit your budget and requirements.

Operators of CCTV that monitors public or private space, and who are monitoring members of the public, must fulfill certain legal requirements. Before installing and commissioning your CCTV system we will advise you how to ensure full compliance with the law, and will provide training for your nominated operator.

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