Adept Asia are a modern electrical contractor carrying out electrical services in Koh Samui, Thailand. We pride ourselves in modern methods of installation with high quality products and services. Our work ranges from testing and inspection of small domestic property to design and installation of large commercial contracts.

We specialise in residential lighting design, installation and testing with control systems to create a modern home finished to a high standard. With years of experience in residential developments we have the knowledge, together with a skilled team to design and install the perfect energy efficient lighting with home entertainment systems.

Our electrical engineers are experienced in testing and inspection on electrical systems.

We regularly work with home owners, landlords, businesses and property developers to carry out Electrical Condition Reports to keep the property up to date on electrical safety needs. We have extensive knowledge and quite often recommend energy saving techniques while carrying out routine testing and inspection.

The manner in which your home is lit can make a huge difference to the way it looks and feels. However, choosing the right kind of light products and solutions can sometimes be a bit tricky as there are several different types of domestic lighting solutions available. Naturally, having a basic understanding of these various different options will make it easier for you choose suitably appropriate light products for the various rooms inside (and outside) your home.

In essence, domestic light products come in four different variants. Three of these variants (ambient, task and accent) are for interior use, whilst outdoor lighting is designed exclusively for exterior use.

Ambient light

Ambient light is used to provide general illumination within a room. There are a wide range of options that are able to deliver ambient light with some of the most popular being recessed, pendant, cove, surface, track and wall lights. It can often be a good idea to install a dimmer switch with your track and recessed ambient light solutions as this will allow you to adjust the brightness.

Task light

Task light provides you with a specific amount of illumination to adequately carry out certain tasks.

Indeed, light solutions which are able to produce suitably bright illumination that is free of shadows are integral to a wide range of domestic situations, such as cooking, reading, workshop time and grooming. This type of illumination is best achieved by installing recessed, track, under-cabinet and portable light solutions in your task areas.

Accent light

Accent light is mainly used to help set a certain tone or ‘mood’ within a room. The best way of achieving this is by investing in light solutions like table lamps, ceiling chandeliers and specialty hi-hats. In addition, accent light can also be used to draw attention to particularly interesting or attractive features within your rooms such as sculptures, pieces of art or unique architectural elements.

Exterior light

Like most other people, you may well make the mistake of thinking that the inside of your home is the only aspect you need to concern yourself with. However, you must also give the outside of your property due consideration when it comes to choosing light solutions, especially if you are someone who enjoys spending plenty of time outdoors.

Certainly, the addition of some solar powered light products to your garden can help it to come alive in a whole different way when the Sun goes down. Similarly, the installation of a sensor light can ensure that you will always be able to see where you’re going when you step outside for some late evening air.

Driveway and pathway light solutions can also be a very beneficial addition to your exterior, especially during the winter months.

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